A single catch. And it’s not visible.

First steps to Boulangerie as always. And in front of him is MA. My poor Sony is thinking. So what is it? Should I turn on the sun view? Or twilight?                                   

Seagull prey handed over voluntarily. Today’s meal was 1/5 gratin and 4/5 chicken. I suspect that when something ends, the expiration date comes from that. Otherwise, I can’t imagine that they can give 1/2 kg of chicken.

From the most famous times of Monaco                                                                               

The famous 60s. Prince Rainier II. marries a world movie star, now Princess Gracia Patricia. The Société des Bains de Mer, to which the Casino belongs, all the famous hotels and half of Monaco was controlled by the Greek shipowner Aristotelles Onassis. He devoted more than his personal relationship to the famous opera singer Maria Callas and others. For example, at the Hotel de Paris, people first started bringing food home, then hotel facilities. With the help of a bunch of Swiss lawyers, you are raising shares to get SBDM back. The lawsuits lasted for ten years, but Monaco won them all.
Gianni Agnelli, a playboy and owner of Fiat, was a frequent guest of the emerging global jet creamer. Here at Riva Aquarama, according to Clarkson, the most beautiful product that has ever seen the light of day. A few of them park in the harbor today.

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