Cold, gray, covid. But not completely empty.

Today is the first day of lockdown (soft-A and SK brutal) and surprisingly the best day of the week. Last winter at Lockdown it was far better than summer.                                         The triangular Lp was already under the “Comanche” (communists). I haven’t seen her in about 30 years now. Until now again. I have no idea if it’s valid.

Today, the newspaper writes that Norway has problems with the budget. Because it subsidizes electric cars. This must be one of the EU’s fake news. The EU should take care of itself. And to say, for example, how long the frantic printing of money will continue. My tip is: until everything collapses.                                                                                                Or apologize for the delusions of vaccination. Those false promises. One stab and forever you’re covid immune. And you won’t infect anyone either. And when 75% of the population is vaccinated, collective immunity develops.                                                   Emission allowance prices are attacking 80€. Only the Sultan of Brunei or the Qatari emir will soon buy a European product in the world. And the famous sanctions? RUS will sell all its energy to Asia. And buyers stand in line.

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