Yesterday’s bustle did not repeat

CERN – formed at a time when the EU set out to overtake the United States in 2000. What else can we be proud of? Clarkson once asked the Labor Party MP this question. He thought for a long time and then said, “On our tolerance.”                                                           

Architect Hundertwasser has a whole neighborhood here. Down at the Mont Blanc junction. Some heat, others froze. I admit I felt that way too. The sun was shining in his face, and the cold from Mont Blanc was behind his clothes.                                                    Azerbaidjan and Republica Kosova and FUCK GRETA.

Heute noch NMK und AZ so Gesamtwochezahl ist 50, genauso wie vorige Woche. Ich denke nur IRL fehlte.

I only had such a kitchen at the Columbus Hotel in MC. However, they did not complete anything there. Here I have coffee and mineral water complete every day.

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