Instead of recording, I just stared

so at least from behind. Island IS, Person , 2021 Premiere as 73th.                                         I saw Aland only in my imagination, again EUR.  MC II.                                                               

There were mazda buses from FIN. The one above has a rare FIN provis on the glass.   

Coronavirus victim. This super sympathic German-speaking traveler ended up at the entrance to the ship in DK. She didn’t have a test. So we decided what to do next. Eventually, she decided to return to the IFA Hotel, where she would be tested in the morning.

Woche PRG/Fehmarn endet mit 44 Länder (+2). Insel brachte ausser anderem MC, CY u. IS. Nur MNE ist nirgendwo.

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2 Responses to Instead of recording, I just stared

  1. raphael says:

    I saw thiw IS Mercedes in Reykjavik in july 2015 !

    • materazzi says:

      Greetings. I am glad then. It seemed so unreal to me that I just stared for a few seconds. So at least we see Lp properly! Thanks.

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