Finally it was Saint Tropez’s turn

MC all closed. The only way to move around the edges. All places where I like to stay inaccessible.
The sun is too hot for the bike.
So the program with most of the day spent on trains and buses.                                                 

Saint Tropez is not that far. So 100km. But by train, ie with a bike, you can only get to St. Raphaël-Valesquere. The bus continues. Sometimes in an hour and sometimes in a two-hour cycle. He leaves 1 minute before the train arrives. But for 3E you still have 40km along the coast. And those few kilometers take 1 hour 40 minutes. But an amazing excursion.                                                                                                                                                 

So I was here. Even at the gendarme station. A beautiful day. There was a bit of a missing bike and some forgotten Alderney. 2hours, 20 states. Much CH,B,NL,L.

Monaco has a tradition of opening the track on Friday at 2.30 pm so that new guests can reach the hotels and replenish supplies. So tomorrow I will drive on the still hot asphalt in the footsteps of F1 pilots.

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