Where is the best?

Every time I came to Cannes, I thought to myself: My God, that’s far better than Monaco. Sometimes it happened to me in Nice. And then I experienced something in MC and I thought: How could I think Cannes was better?
I experienced a similar euphoria when I arrived in Italy. And an hour ago in Linz. Finally a real Central Europe! Wurst salad with mayonnaise! And I thought, Austria is the best. But it really is. I’ve been saying this for about 2 years now and nothing has changed. There is nothing better when you take it around and around.                                                                     

But then came the bomb. Czech Republic.
Whatever it is, it’s my only country.

P.S .: After MC (10) and F (8) I bought FFP2 also in I (2). And a while ago in A (0.59€). . And the only one of them looked perfectly trustworthy.

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