Enjoy what is now, who knows what will happen next

MNE!, USA/GB?                                                                                                                                       GE. AND- sent us from the center Ondra CZF . Waiting for Italian ice cream.                          If they only knew that it is 50% better and 50% cheaper in Italy.                                            Sunday in Zličín. Romance Shopping City West.

Sehr gute Woche mit 43 (+3) Staaten. Wegen Deutschland Grenze Sperre fährt 30% LKW´s weniger, diese z.B. IRL hat Umleitung ausser CZ gewählt. Sonst alles dabei.

       At least CZ media brought the news that the giant was deflected by a gust of wind. I like to read about these giants. So I know they don’t avoid the biggest typhoons and hurricanes in the middle of the ocean. Only occasionally does the element blow a few containers into the sea. People then collect nike and adidas on the shore. But the ship is completely stable. No swinging. Only on a cup of coffee are such wheels made.
So they had to have it in a puddle like Suez wind at least 1000km / h. That he blew 220,000 tons!
Otherwise, it is quite possible, if not released quickly, that it will be a bigger financial disaster than Covid. These ships have a schedule of hours for the whole year ahead. If Suez stays closed, there will be nothing. And the price of goods will go up. And with it inflation.
Among other things, a ship with 130,000 live sheep is in a fantastic convoy of people waiting. Everything is there. Oil, batteries, everything.
And even. This fleet of superships produces more emissions than all cars combined. But cars are an easier target.
So I’m telling Germany to keep their borders closed for a very, very long time.

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2 Responses to Enjoy what is now, who knows what will happen next

  1. OndraCZF says:

    Thank you for sharing of my photo. I´m honored!:)

    • materazzi says:

      I thank you! In the evening I visited the headquarters of PPF to remember for a while and write a few words in the book.
      It’s a crazy loss. He was the only person who could lift the Czechia a bit.

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