The road can also be a destination

I took the train to Nice. And there I had a desire to set out again. Wind in the back and air full of oxygen. I’m not kidding. Something told me Villeneuve-Loubet is not perfectly controlled.
In Cagnes sur Mer the mouth of the river of the same name.                                                       

It’s almost a storm at Villeneuve-Loubet.
And the gap between the ships-Malta M. Fortunately, lp can be seen. Not the trailer.
Behind the VL is no longer slowly visible. And before Antibes, the sea is already consuming the road.                                                                                                                                                   

Antibes has a new dominance. Dilbar arrived from MC.                                                                  I like this memorial. I’m at St.Malo’s and Omaha Beach for a while on D-Day. It was an amazing operation. If Britain had been wrong then, the world would have been completely different.A traditional travel destination. Éric Kayser boulangerie.                                             

In any case, these long-distance journeys are a discovery and symbol of this stay.

Unerwartet gute Woche. 49 (-1). Ohne Cannes, ohne Autobahn. Ohne BY,MK,BIH.

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