So the boys (and the young lady) survived too

This young lady received such a large bouquet that she didn’t even see it on the way. Otherwise, the average age of the crews is here – owner 61, passenger 21.                           

The boys started at around 14 o’clock. And at 18 they saw it. And I showed up, in these parts, by accident. Or is it subconscious intuition?
But more than that catch, they have a beautiful colleague spotter. She even ran after me. Magical. Glasses and those half-tall Martens.
So at least I know where Adrian Sutil and his collection of supercars live.                               

I’ve been watching this pigeon for several days. He got here through a maze of corridors, escalators and elevators. This is also bad for many people. In any case, the way back is impossible.                                                                                                                                           

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