British font, French TTCP and trail leads to Ingolstadt?

Start today at Juan-les-Pins (žolípe), a bastion of Estonia. This is what the route looks like. A quick check of Cannes and moving on.                                                                                           

Today, the road leads to Mandeliu-Napoule, the last port of the hard core of the Azure. Nothing proper came from that side, and it was true. Under Cannes, the atmosphere is lost. But still something. At least excitement. Maybe someone will write that it’s something from the Galapagos … And back to the noble Cannes.                                                                   

Early evening on the promenade at Carlton. Those where the Days, this is hit!.Paul Mc Cartney probably liked Mary Hopkin, so he prepared it for her.
Those where the Days! When Brigitte Bardot bathed here.
Today…?!?!?!                                                                                                              Beautiful people of that time.                                                                                                             

Yeah, 37 countries were on display today. But few yet seen. Still the second best result.

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