Raphael, you were right. 2 Emirates a week would be too much.

There are three roads from the station. Escalators and down the hall. Moving sidewalk direction and two elevators down and this year I drive the third. Through this exit from which an endless staircase leads down. And now I have discovered how the barrier automatically rises and then through a complex of tunnels to the ferrari above the harbor.
All those possible secret entrances. There is definitely a power plant, a hospital and everything at least for the 5,000 citizens in the MC underground.                                             

And when I had my head full of the underground, to the deepest garages I’ve ever discovered. -22 Emirates Dubai. -23 traditional photo. Full of youtube, there are amateurs who show off photos from secret garages. Gentlemen, the secret garage looks like this. No sign, no open entrance. And then there are really secret garages where the chances of getting = 0.                                                                                                                       

That amount of LV, LT, EST. I always think. Who is it really? So today I had a chance to speak Russian with EST. They claimed that they were real Estonians.                                   

Part of the wood from the autumn floods has returned to the mainland. This is a terrible time here. The first cold air skips the Alps and rains are created over the warm sea, which we do not know at all in Central Europe.
And in the evening they drove the local AS to trot around the city.                                              And that Mc Laren Senna hasn’t seen any spotter yet. I suspect someone from F1. Mikka has the same.

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