Is it possible to ride on US army lp from Day D?

The owners of the jeep told me that. A fool would only go to the MC, where he stands at all arrivals with police, without a lp. So I’m looking forward to someone explaining it. There were really no MC or F lp anywhere outside the window, etc. I already saw them on arrival. That’s why I went looking. Well, they were around the corner.                                                           French minehunter class Éridan- Capricorne arrived in MC. Last year, she protected the UA in Odessa. Crew: 52.

In Monaco today the feast of St. Devote. Check A8 better.                                                           

The minibus route leads around the Odeon until it is as small as a doghome.                  Great peace on the A8. I remembered Verona. According to 1min. measurement 1/4.  1 hour watching.  3 GE!. 1FIN, 1AL.  LT here has rivals E. Also a lot of P. otherwise than everywhere else. It is shocking that F trucks practically do not even drive at home. Personal -1. LT, then 2E and 1RO. Tragedy.

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