Grand Tour


Visit to Cathédralle Russe with FL. Week first. Beautiful feeling that we understand each other. It’s starting to rain at TN. Fast forward.


Today I thought they had a car-free day. Empty everywhere. Lunch in the sun on the Promenade. KWT? How much do you want? BY !!! First. Of course, a visit to a rare expedition. 2019 visited CZ. Where were we? FIN!! And with a thorough second round of AUS. She escaped last time, not today. It is about 200m from the last station. The others in a row flooded with seaweed.


Scary clouds. Lightning tour of the port. NZ moto not found. Quickly for dinner at MC. The most amazing yachts on the Côte d’Azur are moored in Antibes. It is a closed part of the port, strictly guarded. Abramowitch, among others, parks there. Today just a view. Much yachts from GBJ and GBG. But…

Monaco                                                                                                                                                    By far the greatest tragedy. Like the last days. Still known GBZ and HR. So a total of 34. Without LT, UA, H, SRB, AND, NL … AND are only in MC.

Woche 47 (+2).  Alles (fast) danks Cannes. Keins MD, SLO, TR, DK…

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