Botswana left. Take a good look around.

Nice. 1h 23 states.
Antibes. 1.5 hours + 0 states.                                                                                                              Antibes is so captivating. I couldn’t leave for the scheduled hour. I would not forgive a regular visit of Éric Boulangerie to cafe amerique and brioche roissins. The port is full GB otherwise but nothing. Just at the very end of town- Senegal. Very nice parkings. Only E and GR.                                                                                                                                                    Cannes, 4 hours, + 11 countries.                                                                                                    The amazing history of the sailing ship Belem from 1896. It experienced great adventures and belonged to such names as Grosvenor or Guinnes. She arrived in Cannes from Ostende.

Have you ever intuitively turned into an insignificant street and 2 Gibraltar and Kuwait stood there for 10 m?  Neither do I to this day.                                                                                  Very rare N tempor tourist. Nr.3. PRG, Geneva, Cannes.

Sehr gute Woche 49 (+4)  Länder. Und das ohne MK u. IRL. 1 Punkt heute von Nice (TN) u. 4 Cannes (KWT, MNE, DK u. AUS). 

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