The French flooded Monaco

Full everywhere. Hotel parking is not enough. Instead of guests from the planes, visitors came from all over France with cars. Hotel prices skyrocketed to 2000 € / night.                   

The first MK. Mc Saudia from eveningdiscovered in the secret garage.                                 

Don’t you want to go to that terrible hill from the harbor to the casino at the top of which even able-bodied cyclists look exhausted? Then there is such an inconspicuous door. And strangely, you’re going down a bit. And there will be a corridor and an elevator at the end. And you’ll snort there.                                                                                                                           

Hotel Fairmont. Crowded parking in front of the hotel. Crowded garages. RSM ended between. I used to be able to open that door and go to the garage. Not by force! I just watched the porters crochet it. And once I tried to go through the hotel. Well, that was wandering. This is a monster hotel. 400 rooms! Now I am an exemplary “Monegasque”.

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