The cannonade continues- even the center lives

Isle of  Man GBM                                         Canada                                                               

All the predictions I dared (covid, etc.) were fulfilled. It’s just that they won’t come from the GBislands, I was wrong. After GBJ (I’m sorry – it was downright mystical), now GBM. Today only in the center for a while. Even so 27. It never was. Every tenth foreign car-catch. Fuck summer with a bunch of D, PL and NL and nothing.

In the final accounting, all states will have the same percentage of infected. And it will be close to 100%. Of course, the official number will be lower, because a lot of people (youth) do not even know about it.

PRG first snow, even in MC it’s cold. Exactly a year ago, a period of storm.                             

Woche mit 43 (+1) Länder. Alles ausser N.

Sebastian Ogier is finally the rally world champion this year again. Overall for the seventh time. Here from the year 2018. The winning car Toyota Yaris WRC from this year..                                      

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