I did a good thing for Monaco today

I’ve been writing about an attacking seagull for years. He just steals pizza from people. Maybe it’s the same, maybe it’s always different. I myself was a victim once, he saw him attack the young lady on the walk. Here in the picture a young man just without lunch.
And today a sudden blow to the face and a failed attempt. And as they circled further, I was already clutching an umbrella, and the beast was just approaching and struck in the chest. It really stopped him. The screams stopped and the seagulls disappeared into port.
He must still be shocked. this has never happened to his ancestors. I don’t know – maybe I stopped the robbers forever.                                                                                                                                                                  And today I showed five other people the way. I stay at intersections, etc. so various strays often turn to me. I prick up my ears and try to filter out the goal in the flow of completely incomprehensible words. And it works. I will then send them in English where they wish. I am proud of it. Many MC residents would not know. And it’s good to know the underground. When it rains I go anywhere with 80% dry feet.                                                                                                As predicted, it happened. At 17 it stopped raining, so Menton on 2 wheels.                           

Woche PRG/MC 48 (+7) Länder. Es fehlte gar nicht. Auch FIN gestern.

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