The Dark Ages (act.)

I saw over MC and in D, they saw them in CH, but here’s the Premiere. TIR MA.                   

Plates spotting has no logic. I praise myself that I don’t have to go to the center and I was also calm that there was nothing there. I was recently going from a meeting right in the night center when he suddenly stopped there for a moment at yellow and then continued Range Rover JSY. So I just verified that it was a GBJ, even though it didn’t have a coat of arms.

Gray, cold, covid. No bike, no sun, no fun.

Diese Woche mit 42 (+2) Länder. In letzten Moment kamen in die Weg noch KZ u. KSA. Dagegen MNE , IRL u. N ganze Woche nicht.

And tomorrow I’m going to take a picture of one amazing lp. At least as far as the visual side is concerned. So soon again.

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