Autogrill S.Bonifacio: great area quality, parking but like in Prague

A traditional Sunday trip, the decision fell on San Bonifacio. The first grill from Desenzano. Right from the edge of the city, various TIR parkings start, which in the end turned out to be more interesting than the autostrada. So perhaps the most interesting was how he overtook us on the double-track express train to Venice. Trains (especially with containers) on this line have an interval like “metro” in Prague at peak times.                         

A total of 23 states were there to be seen. After the closure of Lombardy, personal traffic ceased completely. P for caravans where the SK stood is already completely empty on the third day.

40 (-2) Länder diese Woche. Diesmal fehlte IRL u. N. N bisher in I kein.

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