From Prague to Paris? Only over Nice!

Two very heavy blows for CZ. SK and NL built a dam for us. It is especially overwhelming from SK. Our closest neighbor with whom we have been together for 70 years. The first trips of the newly elected presidents and prime ministers lead to SK and vice versa.
As the map shows, we can only at PL, then FIN, DK, Baltic states-stop. We can also go through A, I to F. Also, the citizens of the states where we are not allowed, they are not allowed to come to us.

Indeed, the number of tourists from D, DK, NL, etc. has dropped drastically. Yesterday’s evening ride: about 5 D, 1DK, 2NL … Another wave of hotels is closing. Too bad for car tourists. I didn’t mind you, but there are still crowds of young people with a strange country of origin – yes. That’s always the way it is. Good disappears-bad remains.
Otherwise we are almost at 1700, but that’s only because the testing capacity is exhausted.

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