Another piece on the way to the end

1. 5 * hotel in the center. Lines of news from the beginning of March. Although they can now, the hotel has remained closed to this day. Prague is biblically, galactically empty. For years? Forever?
2. Václav Klaus junior. Son of the Czech president. The teacher, the director of the prominent PORG grammar school, is now a member of parliament for the new Tricolor party.
3. Today we have lost sovereignty. Vaclav Klaus is the last to sign the Lisbon Treaty. After unprecedented pressure from inside and especially from Brussels. As the last head of state, months after the others.
4. The CZ chief hygienist fell ill with covid-19 today. Prague is drowning in the increase of infected. And what did they think? Those who bothered people to Croatia welcomed the fact that planes from Dubai, etc. are landing again ?!

Hungary has made an exception for the citizens of Visegrad 4 (CZ,SK, PL, H). They can enter the country if they have a paid stay.
The European Commission responded immediately. That it is allegedly discriminatory against others.
And the fact that the citizens of V4 are just anxiously waiting for me to bake Berlin and Paris without asking us. Isn’t that discriminatory ?!

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