That’s how we live here

There are still a lot of trucks going. Only E disappeared. Otherwise daily between 25-32 states. But in great numbers. Far more than A8 over MC. Very strong YU. Above all SRB, SLO but also BIH and MK.
– Austrian premier Kurz today: until vaccination or medicine-travel is not allowed. Our crisis chief Prymula said the same. It will be a stop for 2 years.
– president CZ Zeman announced today that he will receive the highest state award this year. We were the first to close the borders, the first to introduce the obligation to wear masks. The EU U. Leyen has criticized us for this. When this was already true in I and D they played football !!! Dortmund 70,000 people – after a few minutes I closed it. This was modern Chernobyl. In Bergamo, the entire Atletico team got infected. And hell broke out in I and E.                                                                                                                                           30% of respondents said they wanted the borders to not open again. In any case, this situation also brings a number of positives. Long line. End of anarchy in CZ. But on the other side – I’d like to see MC again.
– tomorrow a group of seriously ill people from France will arrive in CZ. The poor MCs are now in their pliers. But it’s all dug up anyway. Even Matin wrote that people complain. So now I would definitely not be there. This year, if it goes well, we will go in the CZ Tour summer. But many of the government promise no summer travel. Let’s hold on!

Woche mit 38 Länder. Minus 1. Ein einziges Truck von IRL und N ,wie zuletzt, ist diesmal nicht gekommen. Selbstversändlich auch kein MNE.

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