At the threshold of the end of the world as we know it?

So one of the bitched American kráva brought us from I Covid 19 to us. The Oasis of Security is over. The lot of tourists at least from the surrounding countries will not appear next week. Maybe we are on the threshold of a new era. The world as we knew him was anyway unfair and had no touch of my sympathy. Except for Monaco.                                  

Woche 39 (-3) Länder. Und das vorallem danks P10 (3 Punkten). Keins nur MNE u. IRL. Aber auch nichts extra. Vielleicht first 20 RKS und PMR von 19. LKWs dicht wie immer. Wie lange noch, aber? Ich bin froh, dass muss ich nirgendwo fahren.

I greet you from Zličín. After visiting Hyundai, Lidl, Kika, I’m sitting here in Globus. It has a choice of about 100 shops here and lots of restaurants. Everywhere is calm, warmth, wifi and normal Czech people. After everything I’ve seen in the world a complete balm for body a soul. And all this in Sunday 9pm. Ano, je to fantastický luxus a pohodlí. Takový palác mít sám pro sebe. To si však uvědomíte pouze tehdy, když jste  vzdáleni více než 3 měsíce.

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