Rocket launch to Eco Africa Race 2020

Chile RCH, 7years Premiere, cars alltime Premiere                                                                           Senegal SN ,Nr.II., 2years Premiere, moto alltime Premiere                                                     He’s the best Senegalese racer Bocoum Mamadou. I spoke with him. He has no better LP. Essentially, all of these endures have only such LP. Only the Swiss, etc. adjusted it a little better.                                                                                                                                                    Japan J  ,  A lot of Japanese everywhere, but LP only 1. 1 even on RO moto.
I watched them at lunch. They were sitting on the curb, and from nearby U Marché they had in their big plastic box full Pain au Raisins and Pain au Chocolade, a can of fish and a cola. I have already done experience with French cuisine. Also just pains, yogurt and pizza          Czech pride, Tatra team and more.                                                                                                    Monaco send Hospital Princesse Grace.                                                                                              The Motorex team. 2xZA, NZ, AUS. Everything on GB.
But we already know all this.
Thanks for every LP. Chile-a big surprise.
First look: Kaiserslautern                                                                                                                            

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