Riquier- on the outskirts of Nice

Who knows what it looks like here. I always call myself at Riquier Station and continue to Nice-Ville. Forgotten Mauritania is difficult to find.                                                                       

There is so much dust in Monaco that I have to remember Prague. There’s the sharp one that stabs the face. As in Bahrain. There is such a fine float above the endless construction sites from the harbor to the end of Avenue Princesse Grace. Eyes burn the same way. Maybe more. 

The planned lotus island is a peninsula and there will be barracks. Beach without the sun awfully closed. The title Avenue, the pride of the MC and Grimaldi Forum,  obscured.
Sorry, but not this.                                                                                                                                   To map: As in Prague there is a golden way. Monaco has it. From the yacht harbor, the exclusive yacht club, through the tunnel under the Fairmont Hotel with the Rainier Auditorium on Princesse Grace Avenue. The most expensive classes in the world. This is where the absolute tip lives. Around the fabulous Grimaldi Forum, the most luxurious restaurants, the Roccabella Palace, the Le Meridien Hotel and the Hotel Bay.
Now look at the construction site. The construction site of the 4th and 6th testimonio II is rough. when they’re done, they’ll look at Mike, Hamilton, Ringo Starr, Philipp Green, all the way to the bedroom. Therefore 6 bang and dust area!

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