GB Islands 2020: Only Alderney is missing

  Isle of Guernsey GBG  2020 Premiere, Kazachstan KZ new in 2020.                                I just wanted to check something in the elevator and went from -2 to +4. And when I was there, because I like it here- I go out. But I don’t go there much, because cars have nowhere to stop. And this happened in the first seconds and after a few minuts.

Still to RMC. I suspected the Boss would come. And he hoped Charlene’s wife. Sister Caroline was driving him to the Christmas market.
No no. Charlene shuns the Monacans. Like Stephania.
That’s why I’m sorry that I like it. Like a redhead in youth even more. What Jodie Foster looked like. That’s how Princesse Grace and Rainier were at the Monte Carlo Rally. But that was fame of an indescribable size. All automakers sent cars.                                               

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