A few new places discovery

Place Nice, maze all the way up, looking for where I haven’t been.                                              Menton ,plage clearing.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The passion of discovery. Tunnels with roundabouts inside, elevators, buildings. Everything in MC has two entrances. Down and up. And what does not need windows – theater, swimming pool etc. is underground.
Famous villa in the rock Troglodyte. Just for sale. 65 million USD.                                         

Top of the day. Villa des Cigognes. This is not a gypsy villa, but a stork. Cigognes in Czech are gitans. Rent apartments 35 -50 thousand €/ month.. Absolute aesthetic bomb. It totally thrilled me! This is the absolute, total opposite of Phillip Plein’s clothing. Unfortunately, I have to walk around his shop twice a day. Only once I saw a buyer. Family of Balkan Gypsies. Immediately before the shop, they took it out of the bag and tried.         

Today came to MC about 10 tourists. Four of them were taken by the police. Also 2 min. nejelo auto. Then came the lamp. Again a minute break and ferrari. Never mind.               

3 more interesting numbers from MC.
The longest average age in the world – 92 years.
66% of the population are € millionaires.
1 policeman per 100 inhabitants. So I wonder if we are somehow divided. If I’m not in the 100 with F1 Charles Leclerq. Before the tunnel, where it narrows, I always look back. When the bus goes, for example, I stop so he doesn’t follow me all the time. Today I hear a hell of rumble and rushing supersport from the harbor. He flew past Aaa Leclerq. So I turned on all the power, but at the end of the tunnel I saw nothing. It is about 2 people who do not have to observe in MC speed. The second one is Albert Grimaldi.

Sehr gute Woche. Nur 7 Punkte minus. Also 51.Aber was!   Diesmal ohne MK u. N. 

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