This is not my Monaco

Menton                                                                             MC cart circuit                                           

Just crowds F and I. On the fair and the casino. Monegasque disappeared. The F and I columns in peugeot and fiat are running through Place du Casino. Downloaded windows. Children are shooting decorations. All the other way around.
I like MC everyday. The rush in the harbor, in car dealerships, the unearthly beautiful blonde Russian spends a day walking with a dog or shopping. Student girls (no blondes) but just as nice. Mika takes a few laps and then goes to the pitstop to have her brakes adjusted. Arms dealers (MC is the center of this shop), bankers, developers, paparazzi are waiting for billionaires from Avenue Grace, behind dark RR glasses are Ringo Starr or Russian oligarch, thin traffic, but 90% of vehicles are supercars. The Prince goes to the meeting with moto accompaniment Carabiniers du Prince , the lawn prepares for the evening duel AS, everywhere feverishly cleans and throbs.
So wait. Elsewhere is certainly not better.

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