No bike, no fun

Monday is a semi-official day off in France. So I spent it in the mall. It’s huge. For the most part in the rock and on the roof of the park. If I had a bike from here-it was already fixed. And why didn’t I buy my own?
Not really walking the streets on foot, not it not. And imitate the past week- mission imposible. So time out. Only in the evening before the train a small errand. To AND yet TN

The blue cross is the key to understanding MC. Underground highway. Chance fifty / fifty. Another strategic corridor is the green one. At the end of the lift you will be taken to the Casino. This equates to 30 levels of hike.  To get to this hallway, you first have to go underground.                                                                                                                                            And yet a garage plan shoping center. 2 underground and such a madhouse. IAll those thick lines are walls. Cars stand in larger or smaller rooms. Perfect maze. Don’t often come there. I haven’t remembered anything yet. Just wandering and looking for the word Sortie. 20% checked. I left a bike there once. Well I was looking for him about half an hour reconciled that he is gone.                                                                                                                Yeah, the Carrefour’s there because he’s really mega. Inside are various events, live fish, tasting – sensation. But never step in !!! I don’t anymore. You can’t get out. The cash register system is so complex and so many people in front of them!
Nothing for me. In desperation, I threw everything twice and pushed myself out.
Never again!

It’s a warm evening made for the bike …

Tak hoďku pěšky. “dyť to nebolelo”, zpívá se v jedné písničče.                                                                         

Po bouři se celé pobřeží opravuje.

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