Every catch in these hard times is a small miracle

Yesterday, I was wondering where I’d go to see when I stayed, and it was such a day.
So today direct Menton-Nice.                                                                                                           

I know there is nothing except Sunday. but the feeling that Mauritania stands in a remote alley is priceless. Already here I create the spotter web I have in PRG or MC. And supportive matters. Where is the good coffee, where the WC … I like Nice quite already.   

Disappointment perhaps only MD. Last round every corner, nothing today. TN just from last time and DZ nothing today. Great GB week. After IRL, GBZ, GBG, today GBJ.

He won’t give it to me and I will still look MC. For pizza, USA at the pump and RSM person.
Monaco has a prince, San Marino king.                                                                                           

The daily number of states varies between 30-35. Today in Nice about 4-5 CZ. Also those cyclists from serpentine de La Turbie. They had that big nice new Peugeot SUV.

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