Tip it! has a new leader

Yes it’s right . Thanks to all. I’m absolutely amazed. Bonaire,Belize and TM.                           today we have all shades of red                                                                                                     

Woche brachte 41 (-1) Länder. Ganze Woche MNE,MD (±3 pro Tag) und am Anfang riesige SLO Welle. Auch H um die jede Ecke. Nr.2 hinter D Masse. Dagegen keins MC,IRL,USA.                                                                                                                                     Im Oktober waren zu sehen satte 60 Länder.

I was looking for new sites for Tip it! and I was interested in this photo.
Is there anyone who could find this place?
I do not. There’s no LP-so just for my (maybe not only my) admiration.

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4 Responses to Tip it! has a new leader

  1. Helvetics says:

    The picture was taken in Pitcairn Island! You can read “Henderson Island 168 km” on the sign, it helped me a lot ;)
    I even found the exact place on Google Street View!

    • materazzi says:

      No sensational. That’s what it is. That Henderson Island might not even have been read.
      It’s just that London is about 300 from Paris so it had to lie on the London-Paris line. And then I would look for those 15000 on the South Pole. I guess I would do it on an ordinary globe I have at home.
      But I suspected that in the GPS, Street view, etc., it would be different.
      As I say. Super. Yes it is Pitcairn. But there is no LP in the report.

  2. PlateSpotterGB says:

    Wow, no. 1! But René is very close

    • materazzi says:

      It is so. From bottom to the top. 2x you missed it very closely, then you were perfect 5 times in succession.
      In finally surprised me. It was very difficult.
      We will repeat it again. Last. Total hard.
      Watch this. Soon it will come.

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