Read to the end – Tip it! for 3

So the day went.                                                                                                                          Velká vlaková kontrola v Mentonu. Pizza s rackem v přístavu. Je vedro. Na slunku se to nedá vydržet. Zase celý den vláčet bundu.                                                                                          A je tu úlovek ,Tunis TN régime suspendif                                                                                         Box skončil,poslední tv kamiony odjíždějí. Rus Lebedev porazil Mike Wilsona je novým mistrem světa.                                                                                                                                       Alessio mi nakázal: chodit do supertajných garáží, navštívit Mc Donald´s a potkat fotbalistu Jana Kollera. Vše jsem dnes splnil.                                                                                   Jediná EST dnes a upadla v nemilost MC policie. V MC je absolutně všude a likviduje i preventivně už náznaky nedovoleného chování.                                                                          

Woche PRG/GE/MC ⇒ 47 Länder also plus 3 . Heute noch TN und AL.      

So I settled down. And it’s time to go back to Geneva.
First correct answer for 3 points!
If no one answers, I will give more, but only for 2.
So please! Tip it!    

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9 Responses to Read to the end – Tip it! for 3

  1. René says:

    I would like to know under what circumstances you saw this plate, because my suggestion seems very absurd even to me. What do you say to Nigeria(NGR) – CD? These are also available in blue with white writing and recently also with the outlines of the country in the background and green areas at the bottom of the plate. But with such a find you would probably have announced the blog premiere, wouldn’t you?

  2. Jovata says:

    I think the green color is some inconvenience. Is there any older USA – maybe Florida?

    • René says:

      That’s right, Jovata. If the green color is only there because the paint has flaked off, it could really be a plate from the USA. Florida Antique, for example, is available in white on blue.

    • materazzi says:

      OK. Very real.
      Budeš tam mít za chvíli další.

  3. René says:

    Na der erste Gedanke zählt – Nigeria CD.

  4. Indrek says:

    Hi! So what you request to tip for? For cut picture of blue plate? I also guess Nigeria because of lettering font.


    • materazzi says:

      But you are a dreamer. But you actually have Nigeria.
      Ok then. Wait, wait. about tomorrow. And why are you writing so late? I see that some people come from EST every day.

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