Memorial days of spotting I.: 4.6.2014

There is a narrow passage from the tram. For 1/100 sec. Then space opens. But you have to get out and go in. If they leave you, then.
That’s how I spotted a strange FL on a ferrari.
I stepped out and returned. I’m going and seeing the LP. I do not see anything else at this LP. I identify AUS. Then I look and there is one more and one more and …
Absolutely unbelievable. I have not noticed the others!                                                                  

Yeah, it was times. In September,at some place, 5 Chinese maserati and a few days later NL expedition to Oman.

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  1. Jovata says:

    Wonderful cars, over transport from far AUS must be amazed. That they would go to the place of birth to Italy?
    Wed. next part.

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