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One of our visitors is looking for an explanation of American LPs. They’re from US cars meeting.
Are they true or fakes?
I will ask. If the US car long-term in Europe does not have stamp a LP?                                   

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  1. raphael says:

    In Texas there is no revalidation stickers on plates. It’s a sticker on the windshield. It seems to be real plates but I don’t see those stickers.

  2. René says:

    Cars with American plates often have no sticker, especially in the Eastern European countries. This is often tolerated.

    Black font on plates from Ontario indicates a commercial use. Apparently this is not only possible for trucks.

    I think the plates are authentic.

  3. Jovata says:

    My thanks to raphael and René for commenting on my photos from the local US car event!
    I also think the plates are authentic. The rear Texas plates have protective features – vertical wavy lines.
    I’m not entirely sure what a commercial vehicle is in Canada. To increase the attractiveness of cars in Europe, authentic plates are certainly welcome. And let them get everything on the net.

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