So we have the current clock

but we do not have the Princes of the Gulf and the prosperous citizens of GB mini islands       

The number of states grew steadily and quality came after noon  DZ,AZ                                       

The hole that remained after Q, KSA, UAE, GBJ, GBG … will be hard to replace                      

In 15 is 30. MA                                                                                                                                        

It’s going slow, but it’s a beautiful day                                                                                               

All the wars ended here. The famous Geneva peace talks are taking place here. The Intercontinental Hotel in UNO quartier.
But the long-hauled Qatar cars from the garage disappeared.                                                       

Around the most popular buildings of Alessio in GE (autosalon), back to the hotel. On the account of 33 countries. No LV,EST,SK,H!, but 2MD!,much RUS,1UA, much BG!, very good MC (8?), 1A, 1076000F, good E, B very bad 3?, 1DK-super,FIN 0.                                 

Evening still 34th BY and our poor hotel garage.
So we’re all in the game. Saturday will decide! 

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7 Responses to So we have the current clock

  1. AMG63 says:

    Where did you see the Bitter? That’s an amazing spot, mate!

    • AMG63 says:

      Also, you may see some Arab plates, last week I saw 1 from KSA, 1 Q and 1 KWT! They are not so easy to find in Autumn, but there are still some of them hidden in the city!I also spotted a Jersey plate last week at the Airport, maybe it’s still there!

      • materazzi says:

        I did not see anything. I have nothing.
        I also keep KSA in Servette. Everywhere.
        And GBJ was at least 5 years old.
        You can send me somewhere!

    • materazzi says:

      Are not you the spotter who shot at Mont Blanc around 19 hours?
      Bitter is in Les Alpes. But it is wrong to get there.
      Years ago there was GBG. That made me happy.

    • materazzi says:

      Are you Helvetics?

      • AMG63 says:

        Yes, I’m Helvetics!
        The Arab plates are often around Rue du Rhône, Rive parking lot, at Four Seasons Hotel and Kempinski Hotel (including the underground parking lot). The last Arab plates I saw where all at Four Seasons. I saw a Libyan plate last week at Rue du Rhône (and a friend saw another Libyan today near Ambassador Hotel!) Plates from the British Isles are usually at the airport…
        I’m currently not in Geneva, I’m coming back tomorrow! There were probably other carspotters on Mont-Blanc bridge today.

      • materazzi says:

        Thank you, then. I thought Mont Blanc garages. Two guys were on the bridge.
        Libya is now rare. Three years ago she was in the PRG behind every corner.

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