Harmful in the district

This was on our main  city street. Later he circled the old town. I really wanted to reveal the secret of the LP. Probably looking at the sights. CZ police did not sleep this time.       3 Romanian Gypsies. After a while, I went to ask. What is LP? RO says. No, it’s not RO,     I say and explain. Takes paper from the vehicle and says: …
Does anyone want to tip? Okay,Tip it! for 0.5 points for all the right answers    I will add. They do not have a LP and why they have broken glass?
They respond. At night, they hit us (rubatto) and picked up the LP and the bars broke the glass.                                                                                                                                 The elections in Prague were over. The expected winner (in the background) and the real winner (front).

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13 Responses to Harmful in the district

  1. Jovata says:

    I think there are two options, I’m choosing: S
    Beautiful IRL moto including plate!

    • materazzi says:

      Boy,2 options?! H,LT,S,CY,M,old GE,B,FIN,MD,etc…Do not you want to change it yet?
      To IRL ve mě z dálky hrklo jak v pendlovkách.Jdi si 2-3 m od obrazovky a budeš se toulat světem jak ty Jacksonovci.
      Samozřejmě prvně zklamání, pak smíření IRL moto v půli října…

      • Jovata says:

        I have chosen new plates. H should have a dash, I have excluded the Mediterranean islands immediately, I forgot FIN, paid S !!!

      • materazzi says:

        I’m on your way. You can not complain. Such LT-I would see a lot of realistically. Well, I’m definitely writing S.

  2. PlateSpotterGB says:

    Yes, it’s a Swedish registration

    • materazzi says:

      You say that very definitely. Well, you’ve been working lately. But this time I do not know, I do not know …

  3. Indrek says:


  4. René says:

    Könnte auch D sein – TS für Traunstein.

  5. René says:

    Könnte auch D sein. TS für Traunstein.

    • materazzi says:

      Könnte. Aber hier sind die drei Buchstaben ohne Lücke. Jetzt musst du nur warten ob du deine Führung verlierst oder nicht.

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