Saturday night: Blog Premiere

Tip it!  On Monday more!

Sunday, noon: I’m driving north.
There will not be so many LPs, but better living conditions.                                                   Who can ,run from PRG away.

The hot center can only be done after dark. That’s how it started.              
And at 22.39 it hit.

The first impression: the cool air, the cries of gulls and the feeling here I am at home. As the booking promised. I join from windows the sea and the whole area.
Checking known places. On the shore then shipspotters. I ask what is it? AIDA! Wow! 350 m gigant. So that’s a catch like thunder.
In the dark on the pier. I absolutely love the sea and the salty clean air.
Anger and hate from the PRG are leaving.
I am fine.                                                                                                                                   

On Monday, as Donald Trump says:
It will be great!

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8 Responses to Saturday night: Blog Premiere

  1. Indrek says:


  2. raphael says:


  3. René says:


    • materazzi says:

      So that’s an interesting tip. I’m already behind Berlin. Last year there stood water from the endless rains. Now arid land as in PRG.
      But the temperature is already falling.

  4. Jovata says:

    I think SYR also.

    • materazzi says:

      You will not win anything like this when you repeat the tip. But well. You believe in SYR.

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