In the end a great (?) reward was waiting for me

An inflatable balloon flew  in the afternoon litlle girl on the shoping city and the wind dragged him away.
I got it on the bike and brought it back.
So the reward came. Cuba. But for a while.                                                                               Quality today came from ROLA. Malta (SLO) and Albania.                                                 Pleasant afternoon in the pictures.                                                                                                          It begins to dim. And the clouds come. It’s time to get back. Old brenner road full of truck   The wind begins to increase. Even though I drive from a steep hill, I drive slowly. So I can find something. I did not notice it before.  Cuba C                                                          

Acknowledge? Disallow? I fight against the wind and the coming rain.
I write a post and it’s already raining. The sweeping sound of 4723 trucks, which I do not even know every day after this.
Experts write: The LP is from 2002. And the car is about 50 years older. And missing litlle 3 down.
So rather not.
But we are on an old famous route, where a lot of vehicles have ended their pilgrimage.
So write what you think

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3 Responses to In the end a great (?) reward was waiting for me

  1. Jovata says:

    Ich war daran interessiert, TIR mit der Bahn zu transportieren. Weißt du nicht, was der Zielbahnhof war?
    C ist interessant, es zeigt keine Anzeichen von längerem Gebrauch. Aber warum gaben sie nur Kubanern …

    • materazzi says:

      ROLA Brenner fährt jede Stunde nach Wörgl (das ist bei Kufstein) und zurück.Kostet ab 100 E. Oesterreich versucht das unterstützen,haben im bestimmte Zeiten, bestimmte LKWs stop gemacht aber EU entschied das es nicht möglich ist.
      Seitdem laufen Umsätze bei ROLA drastisch runter. Das habe ich Tag bevor im Der Standard gerade gelesen.
      Cuba LP ist zum Gegenteil die auf Insel wirklich echt.

  2. Risma says:

    thank you for sharing

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