One of our writers was here in the Emperor’s time in exile. I for other reasons also.

From the balcony I see the famous highway, train up and down the bike, there are cool evenings when it breathes well, only MNG and KGZ do not drive here,
At least the question for 2 points. What LP (3C…) is from the old Brenner of the 60ties.
Something called me RA. But it is not.                                                                                              Old Austrian milit. Otherwise, only CY trucks run, but they can not take pictures.

I live directly on old brenner serpentines. I find that there are more interesting vehicles than a motorway. Today the CH tractor crossed the epic caravan, the other was FL with the green LP, I was only up to the third, and it was only CH again.                                                    The biggest joy for the whole day is the evening glimpse of the Brenner. Even 10% down. At a tank in Gries GB bikers. This is where they drive, cabriolets, veterans and Polish transporters to 3,5t. Everything else normal on the highway. Nothing interesting to see there. There, too, here is NL. I remember Clarkson, he says. Do you want to see the Scottish cliffs or alpine passes? You will not see anything through the NL caravans.              I confirm. Nr.1 here, on the island of Fehmarn to Scandinavia or Prague hell. At our hotel P there are 10 cars. Of which 7 NL.                                                                                                        

I know. You wanted more KG and MNG.
I also.
It is likely that the weather will ruin the entire season.
Prague is not a good place to live even when it is 20° C.
I know he’s just inhumane now.

The old route brought today GBJ among others.                                                                            

I’m not going up until 17.11. Meanwhile, it was dragged and it rained slightly at the top. Finally, one CY stands.                                                                                                                          The last one came by GR. He made a great pizza in the last I restaurant and said he would still be coming to Innsbruck today and tomorrow all the bikers and bikers Passo del Stelvio.                                                                                                                                                     

The Italian signor calls me how much is it still to the top?
I say less than 2.
But it is 10% I silent.                                                                                                                           The breathtaking path down was getting wetter and colder. Puddles, fog and air like  from a pharmacy. I got light euphoria.                                                                                                                     I remembered the dirt, the vandalism, the verb at every step, the drunken youth clubs, the incompetent leadership … Nothing pleasant.                                                                                  A completely different world is here. And  16º C.

Daily Number of Countries: 35, 28, 31. Total 40.                                                                           Trucks: 1.PL,2.RO,3.LT,4.H,5.BG,6.SLO,6.D,7.SK,8CZ,9.NL,10.RUS (without I and A) Next LV,EST,GR,HR,E,P,DK,S.

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  1. René says:

    Hab durch ein Bild bei Flickr das unbekannte Kennzeichen identifizieren können.

    US Forces in Germany 1953

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