Ramadan was over, the caravans they moved

After 3 years in PRG again: Oman OM   (12 Pcs.)                                                        71 th 2018. 2017: 87. We still have a lot of hard work to do.                                                   Old nice A                    D Bundeswehr                                                                                       A hundred times, I got out of the National Road on the seafront a thousand times. But this look always captivates you. Moreover, we have a very impeccable president right now.       Miloš Zeman is named.    


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2 Responses to Ramadan was over, the caravans they moved

  1. Jovata says:

    12x OM – tak to je opravdová karavana! Jestlipak přijeli přes IR a TR?

    • materazzi says:

      Určitě. To je bezpečná cesta a nad kvalitou silnic bysme určitě žasli.
      Tak tam máš k vysvětlení a buď rád, žes tady nebyl tuhle sobotu.

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