On saturday: I. Platesspotting Czech Open 2018

China moto 2018 Premiere                                                                                                            Very rare GR CD        USA Florida                                                                                                      Still to the US. I do not have Alaska either. I forgot completely.

  For my opponent Jovata:
The situation is so poor now that it’s probably better to go out in the Saturday afternoon to the National Technical Museum, where hundreds cars  of Thousands of Czechoslovak millers return. I guarantee quality here!

      Who wants to tip the outcome of I. Czech Platesspotting Open 2018?
The decisive photo will be documented by the exact time.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I think that, just like last year at the first unofficial year, Jovata will win 34:33.         

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4 Responses to On saturday: I. Platesspotting Czech Open 2018

  1. Jovata says:

    Thank you for your trust, we’ll see! Anyway, my Prague trip tomorrow is PAYING.

  2. Jovata says:

    My current score: 36, better than my tip. My top: USA-Michigan, FL, EST, BIH, then N, FIN, MD, L, MK, GR, P … Miss TR, IRL, MNE … I sent some photos for Materazzi.
    Who is the winner?

    • materazzi says:

      You are Champion! I had 3 USA .No Michigan. No P. 35 Countries. And no LV.
      On Monday more.

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