Weekend full of attractions

 South Korea ROK  and Asia 2018 Premiere                  ROK Bus 2016                              

Transnistria (TS Tiraspol) in MD (valid for EU) look?                                                                    No, only  Moldavia MD Embassy Technical Staff Premiere.                                                                                                                              

Extremly rare USA Army QQ. (Export 90 days) . Blond and Not Blond  and 100% blond   

Unbelievable! After six empty weeks, MNE is here again.
Tendency: Increasingly rare.   Montenegro MNE                                                                                                

Sehr gute Woche. 44 Countries. Alles dabei. Ohne Foto 2xUSA, MC.

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6 Responses to Weekend full of attractions

  1. Jovata says:

    In the middle of April before the start of the tourist season, the ROK surprised the adventurers.
    CHN has not appeared yet this year?

    • materazzi says:

      I have about 3 countries this year with a delay of last year.
      LP Transnistria applies only to UA, Osetia, Abkhazia, RUS …
      So I do not know who wants to have the EU what it should be like.

  2. raphael says:

    TS or other code from Transnistria (CC, RB, DB, GR, TG, SL). That’s the theory, in fact I don’t know if they really change their plate…

    • materazzi says:

      So I put it in my cell phone and watch.
      In 2012 before I started I saw in Prague 3 PMR.
      Next year, one more in GE.
      Then nothing.
      Foto on the blog.

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