HH: The phenomenon of German cities. Empty, but the highway around full.

Pretty backdrops, but attractions, emotions, and atmosphere: 0. Just the bikers riding on the sidewalks as if they were going Tour and shouting on the pedestrians who got in the way. And the GB of negative emotions from Martin Schulz, the modern Lenin, who looks at you from every corner.


Pride 23 countries and a total of about 50 LPs together. This is the daily balance. The reason to quickly disappear. I also entered the garages of the best hotels. 20 cars, 19D, 1NL or GB.

Highligtt: Swiss Volvos from Göteborg  on the Fischmarkt                                                           

The reason to quickly disappear. He’s going to Fehmarn. That’s where I like it. There I am at home.
Report from the gate to Scandinavia tomorrow. With License Plates!

On Sunday even 4 hours HH. Fast for the bike. And let’s wonder, at the very conclusion of 2x China. Otherwise, RUS, BY, UA, TR, etc. 0.  21 Countries.                                                                                                                                   Dirty, dug PRG this time I’m looking forward to this!                                                                                                                           A pražským top carspotterům Alešovi,Martinovi,Kuldíkovi a všem ostatním…                            

Wochebilanz morgen mit Fehmarn.     

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