Saint Wenceslas not on horseback arrived, but in Indonesia Toyota

Sept.28 Saint Wenceslas Day                                                                                                          It looked like an   ordinary day. 300 m bicycle to the main street. About Saudia Residence. By boat to       the autocampJust a few campers in the last corner.                                                                   dsc09631 dsc09633 dsc09635 dsc09639    At least nice CZ Person.          A glimpse into a side street completely changes the situation.                                                                                                                               dsc09640 dsc09641 …                                                                   INDONESIA RI  License Plates                                                                                    Premiere from all Premiers   112 alltime  96 on the blog  82 this year Jakarta   dsc09642 dsc09651 dsc09652 dsc09650

Before and after yet seen                                                                                                               Favorite Guernsey GBG    and also favorite  Russia RUS ,from Siberia to Munich dsc09624 dsc09625 dsc09614 dsc09616 dsc09655 A pozdravuju kluky spottery na autosalon do Paříže. Dobré     úlovky a pošlete nějaké fotky jak to v Paříži vypadá. Já je aktuálně zařadím.  

Honda Super Cub 1 from 50 000 000! One Month. Every Days. South Korea      ROK  to PRG                                                                                                                                 dsc09665 dsc09666 dsc09667 dsc09671                                        Even Friday night. 200 m from the ROK Honda next Asia. Even rarer. On Monday here.

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