After two years we welcome in Prague Islands

Three years ago, 5 x IS. It did not seem normal. And he came to a pause. Now, again, super catch.                                                                                                                                                Ísland IS ,81th Countries 2016, 2 Stc, alltime moto Premiere, 2015,16 PRG Premiere       
DSC09424 DSC09420 DSC09435 DSC09436 Island 2013 and IS CD                                          Gruzia GE                      
DSC01693 DSC01770  DSC09432 DSC09430   DSC09416 DSC09415 DSC09446 DSC09431 US Army in D Sembach                                     Montenegro Person     Maserati Mc -12              DSC09445 DSC09443 DSC09414 DSC09438one in fifty of the world    …   and another rarity : lowest CD Austria and USA  Tempor     dsc09451 dsc09450 dsc09463 dsc09462License Plates of evening shadows                                                                                                 dsc09459 dsc09454 dsc09456 dsc09460 Slovenia SLO   Tempor Premiere                     Kosovo RKS                   and Tempor                    dsc09465 dsc09466 dsc09480 dsc09482    British Bohemian Rallye Finish PRG                                                                                            dsc09471 dsc09472 dsc09476 dsc09477
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