China Camps in PRG

Along with tourists from NL, D, DK, S  and so spend their holidays  Campers from China

DSC08946 DSC08947 DSC08949 DSC08948 Die 29.Woche ,danks fantastischen Start mit AZ,GBZ,ROK usw. brachte zum Schluss 49 Laender. Das sind 3 mehr als vorwoche. Zum noch besseren Ergebniss fehlte an AL,RKS und traditionel RSM u. AND.                                                                                                                                News: 2 years old mystery from Paris clarified Jannis. It’s definitely Lebanon. Thanks a lot!  Lebanon RL in this Time my second                                                            RL first 2014 August           DSC03964 DSC04818                                        DSC03397  China Woodstock                                                                                                                                DSC08950 DSC08951 DSC08952  DSC08969 DSC08953 DSC08955 DSC08945 DSC08957 BYL1KRAL- once upon a time there was a king…                                                                                      USA  rare Arizona Veteran                                     Greece Goverment Premiere                 DSC08980 DSC08981 DSC08977 DSC08978  



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  1. Jannis says:

    You’re welcome :)
    I’m pretty sure since it follows the Lebanese format which isn’t too common and I was in Lebanon in May and I saw a lot of non-standard plates, including ones like these.

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