So what April ? Arrives Malaysia, like three years ago?

DSC00668  DSC07889 DSC07887 DSC07890 DSC07892 DSC07894 DSC07895 DSC07896 Problem on the Way . Adjusting Clutch: 150000 CZK (about 6000 E).  Lambo Murcielago.       DSC07900 DSC07908 DSC07931 DSC07907 Fairy Tale Spark and advertising of Skoda Made in China-lived Prague filming                        DSC07906 DSC07904 DSC07929 DSC07910 DSC07915 DSC07922 DSC07921 DSC07919 13. Woche brachte 39 Laender zusammen. Zum besseren Ergebniss fehlte an  MNE,IRL oder FIN.                                                                                                                                                     Captive Jaguars- exhibitions openning                                                                                           DSC07956 DSC07957 DSC07955 DSC07958 Rallye Praha Revival 2016                                                                                                             DSC07980 DSC07987 DSC07988 DSC07973 Nr.6 Skoda RMC Legend Johny Haugland (N).                                                                              DSC07965 DSC07972 DSC07967 DSC07977 Supersport is Czech Made Praga


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