First interesting catch of the new year

Gruzia GE export                                               RUS         Yesterday            Now                           DSC07293 DSC07286  DSC07292 DSC07281Diese letzte Woche noch 38 Laender (RKS,AL,TR etc.),aber Tendenz sinkend.                        Canada CDN Alberta 1927                                 Premiere CZ : Personal LP                                
DSC07295 DSC07294  DSC07329 DSC07330   On a visit to the workshop of the former Czech rider Jaroslav Juhan :             DSC07305 DSC07304 DSC07301 DSC07303 Black Car is Ford GT 40                                                                                                                     DSC07322 DSC07320 DSC07323 DSC07326  Die letzte 2.Woche brachte ueberraschend immer noch 38 Laender.
CZ – registrační značka na přání (RZNP)                                                                                       DSC07336 DSC07338 DSC07343 DSC07350 Diese 3. Woche mit viel Frost und Schnee gab  34 Laender. Das ist erwartungsgemaess.   DSC07339 DSC07359  DSC07358 DSC07357 

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  1. If OBJ wasn’t ejected in any other sport, he’d get a team I’ve seen bench clearing battles ,in multiple sports, over smaller cheap shots than

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