Dargle to Dargle

From the South African Dargle Valley (province Natal ) to  Dargle River their ancestors in Ireland. The young traveler on his journey across the world stopped in Prague.
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December 2015: South Africa ZA with Alfa Romeo 1964                                                            4698959ee71dbb09d7b3b592ddb0cad8 img_1700 screen-shot-2013-10-27-at-22-33-25 DSC07170 Foto 1-3 Jethro J. Bronner,dargletodargle.com                                                                DSC07173 DSC07172 DSC07167 DSC07168                                                                                                                                                            
Week 49 brachte 37 Staaten. Zum Wochende war Prag voll von Autos und Busses. Aber fast alles D, PL, A, H und I.                                                                                                                    DSC07147 DSC07146 DSC07187 DSC07186
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