Geneve Plates Spotting with Polynesie francaise?

French Polynesia PF  –    ad the commentary from Arnaud. PF remains a big attraction with a question mark.                                                                                                                 27.11: I recommend a read quite exhaustive commentary Nr. 2  from Arnaud

DSC06931 DSC06929 DSC06927 DSC06950

Gibraltar GBZ  – McLaren F1                                                                     AZ from SpringDSC06922 DSC06921 DSC06924 DSC06925                                                                                                                                                                After Dubai and Abu Dhabi- Sharjah  UAE          Katar   Q                                       DSC06978 DSC06977 DSC06952 DSC06951   Algier DZ Tempor and ordinary                                                                                                       DSC06944 DSC06943 DSC06988 DSC07002  Libya LAR                                                             Isle of Jersey GBJ                                                 DSC06940 DSC06941 DSC06945 DSC06960                                                                                                                                                                Mansory Team of Saudia                                  EST  Estonia                           DSC06906 DSC06905 DSC06957 DSC06913                                                                                                                                                                Slovakia SK in PRG very ordinary, Monaco MC rare. And conversely.
DSC06947 DSC06956 DSC06989 DSC06991 Week 47 : PRG,GE and PAR complete 50 Countries

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8 Responses to Geneve Plates Spotting with Polynesie francaise?

  1. Neper says:


    Actually it is not a real plate from French Polynesia. It’s simply a french plate with a “homemade” polynesian blue band. All the plates from French Polynesia use still the 123456P format, and not the SIV system (AB-123-CD) which has not been introduced in French Polynesia (it’s the same for New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna by example) .

    Excellent blog by the way, I’m always amazed by the huge amount of rare plates that you see in Prague. So keep going! :-)


  2. materazzi says:

    Arnaud, thanks for the info and praise.

  3. materazzi says:

    Arnaud, but it is not done at home, the brand has gone ahead space on the right side of the region. That had to be done on purpose!

  4. Arnaud says:


    Here you have some plates from french polynesia :
    The 123456P system is still in use in French Polynesia, as the national french system (the SIV, AB-123-CD) was not implemented there (and it’s the same for all the french overseas territories). All the vehicules in French Polynesia have the 123456P type plates, and you won’t see any car with a AB-123-CD type plate there.
    The plate that you’ve seen is then a normal french plate, the car was bought in France and has a french insurance. The guy juste made his plate himself : he put the PY on the left and removed the other blue band on the right side. And it is obviously completely illegal : there must be the blue band with the letter F on the left side, and on the right side the blue bland with the departement that you want. Probably the owner is from French Polynesia, but he lives in France and bought his car in France. :-)

  5. Arnaud says:

    And for the website that you mention, it is clearly marked that the polynesian band is unofficial. In fact, you can put whatever you want in the blue band on the right side. Even if you live in Paris, you can choose the departement that you want, and put 972, 987, 12, 75 or whatever on your plate.
    It is then very common to see in metropolitan France plates from the different french overseas departements or territories, because a lot of people like to put exotic departement on their plates!
    I have even seen a plate with the logo of the french territory in Antarctica last year in Paris^^
    It is perfectly legal (you can have it here for example : ).
    So the departement on the right side of a french plate does not have any signification at all, because the system is nationwide.

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